Hof Zuort
CH - 7556
Ramosch GR
Tel/Fax: 081 866 31 53
Text: P. R. Berry
Bilder: M. Galli
P. R. Berry
D. Jenny
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A mountain shelter without farm support, would have been inconceivable, in ancient times.

This has changed only recently; electricity reached Zuort as late as 1978.

Technical revolutions have occurred but to a minimal degree.

Cars and all-terrain vehicles, a bulldozer and a snowmobile are put to work with caution.

Horses - and in the near future milk cows - play their traditional roles.

The resilient Tyrolian Haflinger has been mountaineer’s most indispensible friend for centuries. This tradition is being well preserved in Zuort.

Akrobat, Galante and Nerz are our most useful and charming companions: pack horses in summer and skilift, sledge and trailing party engines in winter.